It's time for a big change

This website is very outdated, will be updated soon

Few years ago, edubart and other cool guys started an amazing project - OTClient. They did a lot of great job, however, they wasn't able to solve some very annoying problems.

But I did. And OTClient become fucking amazing.

Preview version of OTClientV8 is available! You can test it on two servers, 10.99 and 8.60.
All you need to do, is to download and run it. Informations how to log in will be displayed inside client (left panel).
Everything should be fully done in May. If you are interested, just scroll down for more details ;)

Download OTClientV8 (preview)

OTClientV8 features

[90%] Overall optimizations

[95%] New rendering

With optional dynamic floor fading and depth test support

[95%] Adaptive rendering

Optimize graphics quality to maintain at least 60 fps

[95%] DirectX9, DirectX11, Desktop GL and GL ES support

OtclientV8 will be able to run almost everywhere, thanks to implementation of Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine

[97%] New walking

srsly, how you can play with current one?

[97%] New light rendering

[99%] New autowalking

[99%] Async path finding

Do you like situation where you click on minimap and otclient freezes for 1s? I rewrited path finding and moved it to another thread, it solved every problem

[99%] HTTP api for lua

Very fast and lightweight http and https GET, POST and file download with access to download progress and after download to file via resourcemanager. Amazing tool alowing many new things like news, auto updater, login via http protocol or even dynamicly downloading and executing lua scripts from http server! Here is an example of HTTP api (news): /background.lua

[99%] Auto updater

Do you like to download all the files again and again when something is changed? Players hate it, and it's quite annoying for them. With auto updater, there's no need to worry about it!

[99%] Http login

ProtocolLogin is not necessary anymore, extending character list (login) functionality is now super easy, adding things like cams, casts, outfits can be done in minutes. It supports http and https, like tibia 12 client

[99%] New filesystem

Everything is in one .exe file, no dlls, no any other files. If new files are nessecary (for eg. from updater) they are stored in user dir (%appdata%), in single compressed zip archive

[99%] File encryption and compression

All the files (lua, sprites, dat, otml, just all) and encrypted and compressed to prevent thieves from stealing your work. They also weight less. Want to try it? Visit http://otclient.ovh/files/ =)

[90%] Automic diagnosic system

Players are quite bad in describing problems or bugs they have, especially when they have performance issues. That's why automatic diagnosic system has been created. It monitor performance of otclient and sends it to server via http protocol, so if player have a problem with slow (shitty) lua script, you will automaticly now.

[80%] Fixes for shitty lua scripts

[80%] Refreshed interface

Just download and run the client to check it out, bellow is an example

[60%] New crash handler

Crash reports will be automaticly send to server and will include much more informations

[??%] will remove many useless/shitty things

[??%] Overall bug fixes

[20%] Passwordless authentication method

Biometrical, blockchain based authentication for otclient is cooming, srsly. It's my other project, not connected with otclient but I will implement it in OTClient and it will be great.

[Extras] Cams

Client sided cams, recording, playing, sharing

[Extras] Automated proxy system

Best ddos protection system for tibia you ever seen. Prepare for 50 ms ping for south america players.

[Extras] Bot

I am also working on best bot you for tibia you ever seen. Will write more about it later

[Extras] Tools for bot detection

Want to have bot-free server? There will be an extension for you


Full access: 5000$

However, there are also other possibilities, will write more about it, when i finish it (july).
It will be possible to use otclientv8 for free as cipsoft client replacement.

Other cool things for sale

TFS optimications [3000$]

Want to hold >2k players on your server? There's a way! Many servers bought it from me - impera, talera, kasteria, masteria, xavato, mtibia, archlightonline and they were satisfied ;)

Items saving/loading on other thread [500$]

Have a problem with players storing 10k items in deposit? Here's solution

Cam system [500$]

Click here to see it

Cast system [300$]

Click here to see it

Cam player/recorder for Tibia 12 [300$]

Great tool to analyse protocol changes, I wanted to create map tracker but curently I don't have time for that

Many other smaller tools for tfs

Other services, feel free to contact

I can do almost everything, only your imagination and budget limits you. Want me to fly to space coast and buy you a ticket to mars from elon musk? Prepare money and hold my beer ;)

About me

From almost 6 years I work as c/c++/python and react-native developer. When I was younger, I used to play tibia a lot, I even had my own tibia 8.6 servers, but I dropped it when I went to university.
Year ago, my old friend from tibia asked me to create some modifications for his tibia server. He paid well so I did it, since that, I realized that open tibia community doesn't have experienced c/c++ developers so I decided to take some extra tasks.
Many of my customers asked me to optimizate and fix bugs in OTClient, the problem was, it required a lot of work, 2-3 months. However, few people decided to pay for it, so I started doing so.
Currently, I spend over 300 hours working on new, better, faster OTClient. And it was worth it, after fixing many bugs and rewritting most important parts, gameplay became awesome.


Email: otclient@otclient.ovh
Discord: kondrah#7945

OTClientV8 preview is ready!

Download OTClientV8