Amazing Open Tibia client and proffesional Open Tibia services

OTClientV8 is a Tibia client dedicated for Open Tibia servers.

Is's highly optimized, higly configurable, well tested and has a lof of features.

It has been used by almost 10000 players so far.

OTClientV8 Github

OTClientV8 features

Go to https://github.com/OTCv8/otclientv8


Full access: 5000$

However, there are also other possibilities, will write more about it, when i finish it (july).
It will be possible to use otclientv8 for free as cipsoft client replacement.

Other cool things for sale

TFS optimications [3000$]

Want to hold >2k players on your server? There's a way! Many servers bought it from me - impera, talera, kasteria, masteria, xavato, mtibia, archlightonline and they were satisfied ;)

Items saving/loading on other thread [500$]

Have a problem with players storing 10k items in deposit? Here's solution

Cam system [500$]

Click here to see it

Cast system [300$]

Click here to see it

Cam player/recorder for Tibia 12 [300$]

Great tool to analyse protocol changes, I wanted to create map tracker but curently I don't have time for that

Many other smaller tools for tfs

Other services, feel free to contact

I can do almost everything, only your imagination and budget limits you. Want me to fly to space coast and buy you a ticket to mars from elon musk? Prepare money and hold my beer ;)

About me



Email: otclient@otclient.ovh
Discord: kondrah#7945

OTClientV8 preview is ready!

Download OTClientV8